Viewcast Osprey-100 Video Capture Card

Viewcast Osprey-100 Video Capture Card

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Streaming since the beginning
The famous ViewCast Osprey 100, the card that helped start the streaming media revolution, is still an excellent choice for budget-conscious users with a need to capture and deliver video from composite and S-Video sources.

deal for video streaming
Originally designed to capture video for streaming, the Osprey 100 is ideal for capturing video-only camera feeds including:

  • • Security, such as ATM machines
  • • Medical and scientific equipment
  • • Surveillance equipment

Capture and streaming possibilities.
With the Osprey 100, you can plug in any standard video source, such as a VCR, camera or camcorder, and view crisp video on a PC. Use multiple Osprey 100 cards simultaneously in a single system or mix and match other Osprey cards for more input options.

Download the latest driver release here

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