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£480.15 (ex VAT)

The ADVC G4 is as Sync Generator with Reference input and includes a 48 kHz wordclock as well as

£722.65 (ex VAT)

The ADVC G2 is a HDMI & SDI to Analog & SDI Multi-Functional Converter/Downconverter

£659.60 (ex VAT)

The ADVC G3 is a 2 X SDI to HDMI Converter/Multiplexer with 3D Support, allowing HD/SD-SDI to

£800.25 (ex VAT)

The ADVC G1 is a compact and competitively priced converter, designed to convert and/or

£1,484.10 (ex VAT)

Engineered for broadcast environments, ADVC-1000 is a high-quality bidirectional SDI/DV video

From £101.85

The Grass Valley STORM Mobile is a new PCIe-1X / Express34 connected I/O box that provides

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