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Although the vast majority of our business is conducted within the UK, we consider ourselves a global company and deliver our innovative solutions worldwide. We have built up a large international customer base that we are proud to count as our valued clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide unbiased pre-sales advice and comprehensive post-sales support regardless of geographical boundaries.

In 2011 Planet DV were contacted by European Schoolnet in Brussels with an interest in incorporating our technologies into their vision for schooling in the future for European ministries of education. These ideas and principals would be encouraged for roll out to schools across Europe. As part of the project a ‘class room of the future’ was set up at their head office in Brussels to showcase these innovative and ground breaking teaching and learning technologies. We supplied and installed Planet MovieBox, our mobile studio solution that delivers green screen video production in the classroom and also Planet eStream, our content management and distribution system, allowing schools to create a 24/7 on demand video repository to deliver their media. The invitation to participate in this high profile project demonstrates the high regard that international educationalists have for our innovative products.

Prior to the installation at the European Schoolnet the Planet MovieBox series has already seen uptake within Europe. The Hellenic American Educational Institute in Greece purchased a Planet MovieBox Take 3 in 2011 after initially seeing them at the BETT exhibition in London. The use of the technology within the secondary education building was so successful that they have since purchased two further MovieBoxes during 2012 to compliment their current setup and expand the use into their primary buildings. The Planet MovieBox series has also made it as far as New Zealand where the Waiariki Institute of Technology use our state of the art Planet MovieBox HD within their curriculum.

We have recently completed media streaming and archiving projects in the Middle East and Africa. Our client in Africa was The CSIR (the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) who had a requirement for capturing live events, conferences and seminars. Dr. Tony Kirkbride of CSIR has been a longstanding client of ours and we have worked very closely on sports technology projects for many years. Dr. Kirkbride turned to us when the requirement for media streaming became apparent and we were able to fulfil the remit. The CSIR use the system to archive and stream their live events locally at their headquarters in Pretoria SA and externally to scientists globally. They particularly like the capability of capturing both the live event via camera and simultaneously capturing the feed to the projector. This is a major advantage for the CSIR since they are a knowledge intensive organisation and use a great deal of MS Powerpoint and Prezi presentations in their work.