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Education – Key Stages 1 - 4

Planet DV has been involved in the supply of video technologies to education establishments for many years. During the last five years in particular, we have experienced a dramatic increase in the adoption of the use of video technology as a teaching and learning tool in the classroom. This has been particularly evident in key stages 1 – 4 where teachers and learning professionals look to new and exciting ways to engage students.

We have championed the use of video technologies as a learning tool both in a curricular sense and in its ability to develop students’ soft skills such as teamwork, confidence and communication. We have supplied many video solutions into schools and it is our unique ability to match product to application in an uncomplicated manner that has made our name synonymous with creative media tools for education.

Our Planet MovieBox series is a prime example of how we blend our knowledge of broadcast video technology and the requirements of the education sector to create a solution that delivers many exciting video disciplines such as ‘green screen’ in an intuitive classroom solution. Tonypandy Primary School purchased a Planet MovieBox after visiting us at the BETT show in 2011. They used the solution to bring their themed curriculum to life and to provide a focal point for the pupils to empathise with the characters and people from their themes. With the Planet MovieBox, the pupils enjoyed corresponding from the Blitz, the White House and reporting on the exploits of famous explorers. Stuart Scammell, Head teacher at the school, said “It brings education to life and captures the imagination of the pupils through the possibilities that the technology brings. They take to it so easily and their confidence and IT skill levels have risen markedly. Their ability to present the facts and opinions in a news report style has improved hugely too.”

Another primary school that we have worked very closely with over the past few years is Pontnewynydd in South Wales. In 2009 Planet DV commissioned and installed a full television studio facility at Pontnewynydd Primary School consisting of cameras, prompters, ‘green screen’ curtains, lighting and live video mixing. Students and teachers of all year groups have embraced the equipment wholeheartedly since the installation. Years 2-4 have re-enacted the Moon landings and the anniversary of the D-Day landings as part of their history lessons and years 5-6 worked in teams to make individual videos that they wrote and produced themselves. The children worked on projects in the TV studio as a team, discussing, planning, editing and presenting their work in groups enabling retention of information via the real life learning and experience and catering to a wide range of abilities. The parents of the pupils have been surprised and impressed with the TV studio and Andrew Phillips deputy head of Pontnewynydd Primary School said “The studio is a brilliant resource. We are moving forward and getting better with each project.”

Macmillan Academy Middlesbrough has both a fully commissioned TV Studio and Planet eStream our media streaming, archiving, IPTV and digital signage solution. They have been prolific users of video technology for a number of years and Multimedia Manager, Iain Mckeown has a remit to ensure that both staff and students are well supported and have access to effective use of media across the site. Their TV studio now fulfils a wide range of tasks, from supporting teachers and students in the effective use of creative media in the curriculum and in their coursework, to the production of video, print and photography. Iain, a longstanding customer of ours says “Planet DV are one of the few companies that fully understands the needs of education”.

These short examples are just a tiny sample of some of the applications that our educational clients have for our products. More examples and details can be found in our range of case studies which you can view by clicking here. We have created solutions that utilise broadcast technology but are easy enough and fun for very young students to use whilst, at the same time delivering impressive results.