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Our website structure is simple and intuitive and products can be located via either the product type or the manufacturer. Both of these search structures are located on the top navigation of the website. In addition to this, product type navigation appears on the left hand navigation of each page. Products can also be located via the site search on the top right hand side of the page.

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As standard without logging in or registering, our website displays our competitive online sales price and the recommended retail price in GBP.

Planet DV and a number of manufacturers offer special reduced pricing to educational institutions, students, teachers, charities and public sector customers on a selection of our products; this pricing is only available to validated customers falling within these categories. In order to view the price band that applies to you or your organisation, it is necessary to register on our website, please see more details regarding registration below. If you are already a registered and validated user, please ensure that you are logged in to view the correct prices.

We also offer discounts to resellers within the ICT or broadcast video/audio industry. These discounts are only available to validated resellers, in order to become a validated reseller, it is necessary to register on our website to request validation. Please see more details regarding registration below. If you are already a Planet DV validated reseller, please ensure that you are logged in to view the correct prices.

All prices are shown in GBP as standard; this can be changed via either the flag icons or the drop down menu at the top of any page. Important, please note that alternative currencies are approximate and for information purposes only. All orders will be processed and payments taken in GBP.

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Registration/login can be done at any point prior to purchase. If you have not either registered or logged in at point of checkout, you will be prompted to do so. Registration is fast and easy, you will be asked if you are buying on your own behalf or on behalf of an organisation. You will be prompted for your salutation, first name, last name and email address and to set a password for your online account. Finally, you will be asked to select the category and sub category that you or your organisation falls into. The latter step enables us to validate your account and ensure that you are viewing the correct pricing on our website. If registration/login does not occur until point of checkout, please be assured that the contents of your basket will automatically be updated to show the correct pricing.

Important – please note that if you are a Charity or wish to apply for reseller status, you will be prompted for further details during the registration process and one of our team will be in touch with you to complete the validation process.

Checking out...
The check out process is a straightforward step by step process.

Step 1
Your basket will be displayed showing VAT and a delivery charge both based on a UK mainland delivery address. You have the opportunity to change the country at this point which will automatically update both the VAT and the estimated delivery charge.

Step 2
You will be prompted to login or register if you have not already done so.

Step 3
You will be prompted for your billing address.

Step 4
You will be prompted for your delivery address if different from your billing address. Please note that we cannot accept orders from customers with a delivery address which is in a separate country to either a billing or a cardholder’s address.

Step 5
You will be offered the delivery methods available for your delivery destination, select your preferred option.

Step 6
You will be offered the payment methods available to your online account (please see payment information for more details), select your preferred method.

Step 7
Your order summary will be displayed and you will be prompted to confirm your order.

Step 8
If you are paying by card, you will be taken to Sage Pay’s secure site to process your payment.

Step 9
Your order confirmation will be displayed and you will receive an email confirming the details of your order.